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Panel: Libertarians & The Left

Join us on Zoom tomorrow night (January 26)! We'll be chatting with Shikha Dalmia, Carolyn Fiddler, and Brianna Coyle about where libertarian feminism fits into the left-right political spectrum, why libertarianism in the U.S. has long been associated with the right, where libertarians fit in during the Biden-Harris administration, how libertarians can best make alliances with the left, and more. The panel discussion starts at 7 p.m. and will be followed by audience Q&A.

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Watch: Libertarianism Is Consent Culture

Miss our last panel, on what it means to say "libertarianism is consent culture?" No problem—you can check it out now on YouTube (and subscribe to our channel while you're there; we're launching a new video series next month).

Libertarian Feminism-Friendly Jobs, Gigs, & Opportunities 

A lot of great liberty-oriented organizations are hiring right now—including us! Feminists for Liberty is looking for a freelance video editor and a spring 2020 intern. Both positions are paid but extremely part-time (~5 hours per week). We'll be putting up a formal announcement and more details soon but in the meantime, please pass this on to anyone who might be interested or get in touch yourself ( if you want to know more. 

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Why January 25th Matters

"On Jan. 25, 1917, sex workers in San Francisco marched to the Central Methodist Church to meet with Rev. Paul Smith, who had organized a campaign to rid and protect the city from vice. This was the first sex worker-led protest in the U.S.," explains Kaytlin Bailey at The Daily Beast. This January, starting today, our friends at the Old Pro Project are doing an amazing group of art advocacy projects to commemorate the 1917 protest and to continue the push for sex worker rights.  


The student group Young Americans for Liberty—which fashions itself a libertarian organization but often trafficks in reactionary and conservative politics—has fired its president amid allegations of him personally perpetuating sexual harassment and misconduct as well as not taking it seriously when it was reported by YAL members and staff. YAL's board fired president Cliff Maloney and opened an investigation after a former employee whose internal complaints had been ignored tweeted about her experiences with sexual misconduct at YAL and many others quickly followed suit. Daily Dot has a good write-up of what happened. We applaud all the people who came forward and YAL's board for taking them seriously, and hope this portends a new page for the organization, as well as a good signal for the future of harboring predatory behavior within the liberty movement. 

The Ladies of Liberty Alliance is now conducting a survey on sexual harassment in libertarian spheres:


Help bail out sex workers arrested in Super Bowl stings:

What We've Been Reading, Watching, & Listening To Recently 

  • Until 1968, a Married Texas Woman Couldn’t Own Property or Start a Business Without Her Husband’s Permission. This Dallas Attorney Changed That.  (Texas Monthly

  • Supreme Court Ends Pandemic Permission To Prescribe Abortion Pills Remotely (Reason

  • Never mind the Bridgertons, meet England’s first feminist (Irish Times

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  • The Conservative Case for Greater Birth Control Access (R Street Institute

  • A Letter From a Florida Inmate Asked for Help. It Arrived Too Late. (Reason

  • ReEntry Stories: Advocating For Art Opportunities On The Inside (WYSO

  • A Lover of Individualism: Zora Neale Hurston (

  • Florida Masseuse Ordered to Pay $31,573 After 'Soliciting' Robert Kraft To 'Commit Prostitution' (Reason)

  • Don’t Let the Riots Legitimize Facial Recognition Tech (The American Conservative

  • Pornhub Isn't the Problem. That Won't Stop the Politicized Crusade Against It. (Reason

  • New York Democrats try to repeal state’s “Walking While Trans” law (LGBTQ Nation)

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