FREE LOVE: Past, Present, & Future

Join us for a chat about love, sex, romance, relationships…and the government. 

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Tune In Next Tuesday As We Chat About "Free Love" 

Join us next Tuesday, February 23, for a libertarian feminist look at love, sex, romance, relationships…and the government. This virtual panel will feature Maggie McNeill, Christian Hertenstein, & Liz Wolfe in a discussion about "free love" with Feminists for Liberty’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown and Kat Murti.

The movement for "free love" is rooted in early libertarian and feminist ideas. Read more about it here

Audience members will be invited to ask questions, too. (Start asking your questions on Twitter now using #F4Lchats!) 

To tune in, you must register in advance:


Watch: Libertarians & The Left

Miss our January panel on libertarians and the left? No problem! You can check it out—and hear from Shikha Dalmia, Brianna Coyle, and Carolyn Fiddler—below.:

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Meet Addyson Garner

We’re so excited to announce that Addyson Garner is our first Feminists for Liberty Communications Fellow. Addyson will be with us through the spring, helping out with social media, video projects, upcoming panels, and more. Previously, she worked as a legislative correspondent for Libertarian Rep. Justin Amash. You can find her on Twitter @RealPOTUS20

What We’ve Been Reading, Watching, & Listening to Lately

• Why the ‘Equality Model’ of regulating sex work is dangerous. 

• Julie Gunlock and Chelsea Follett talk bad advice given to pregnant women

• Kat Rosenfield reviews the buzzy new book Fake Accounts by Lauren Oyler. 

• “There has been a quiet revolution in access to abortion pills in the United States over the past six months.” Amy Littlefield at Truthout explains.

• New York has legalized gestational surrogacy. 

• Elizabeth Nolan Brown talks to Phoebe Matlz Bovy about the QAnon, rad-fems, massage parlor panic, & the state of sex-trafficking discourse in the U.S. 

• Gabrielle Moss gets honest about working for a feminism-branded women’s website

• Kat Murti & Lester Romero discuss the cultural significance of Mad Max: Fury Road.

 Elle magazine excerpts a beautiful Lorelei Lee essay from the new book We Too: Essays on Sex Work and Survival.

• "Atomization and sentimentality exacerbate each other, after all: you break the bridges of connection across society, and then give each island a fairy tale about its uniqueness." (The New Yorker reviews the latest collection of Joan Didion essays.) 

• On sex dolls, art, and cancel culture

• Stephanie Slade explores whether there's a future for fusionism.

• On the ridiculousness of U.S. birth control regulations

• A New York Times story about Pornhub "has harmed legal porn stars and done little to nothing to stop sex trafficking," writes Cheri DeVille.

• Texas prisoners are suing over inhumane conditions. "We’re in a cinder block building with no insulation,” Faith Blake told the Star-Telegram. “We have to go outside to get our meals, and it’s snow and icy everywhere and we’re freezing.”

• Would Americans have more babies if the government paid them? "Research from around the world suggests that, like other fertility policies, payments to parents do slightly increase the number of babies people have in the near term. But no move has made a major long-term difference, and payments are not as effective as other policies, particularly subsidized child care." 

• Gallup looks at the gender breakdown in household chores

• Rose Wilder Lane’s journey from communism to individualism.

• On free speech, mental health, and racism: a conversation between Ken "Popehat" White and Mirriam Seddiq. 

• Milwaukee police officers left a 4-year-old girl in an impounded car overnight after arresting the girl's mother on suspicion of drunk driving. They're still on the job. 

• Steven Horwitz on Carol Stack, the household, the family, and the state

• 22 LGBTQ books coming out this year. 

• Get to know 19th century abolitionist and women's rights advocate Lydia Maria Child.

• How COVID-19 changed divorce rates.